Homage to Hat

'Magritte'' is an oversized apple in hat, but in the same time it is a piece of furniture- the cozy lounge chair. Chilean artist Roberto Matta designed this chair for Gavina Italy in 1971, inspired by René Magritte most famous painting The Son of Man. Painting features a man in a bowler hat and dark suit with the face largely obscured by a green apple. ''Everything we see hides another thing. It is something that happens constantly. A sort of conflict between the visible that is hidden and the visible that is present.'' 

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Carlton - totemic cabinet


Carlton cabinet and room divider was created as rebellion against aesthetic of conformism and design clichés. This notable and avant-garde furniture piece was work of Ettore Sottsass , one of the most influential designers of the 20th Century. Carlton was designed for Memphis Design Studio in 1981. Memphis Design group was openly against arrogance and tyranny , modernism and functionality and especially against bourgeois ''good taste''. During 1980's they were famous for design of nonconformist furniture.

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Sitting wheel

''Sitting Wheel'' is a true statement piece, representing the playful spirit of the author and 1970's design. Panton used the unthinkable pop art effects and all possible ''rainbow'' colores. Nowadays, his name is the global authority on colors and color standards for the design industry. His colour-system “Pantone” is still used all over the world. Beautiful purple in the form of his Sitting Wheel is Pantone Color of 2014 , under the name of  Radiant Orchid, influencing fashion, interiors ,industrial and graphic design.

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Unconventional bag


Sacco or beanbag debuted as one of a kind furniture piece in famous 1968. Revolutionary, different and unconventional in so many ways. Simple but completely unstructured this seat was a radical break with the past and traditional models of chairs and armchairs.


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Timeless style - Chesterfield sofa


Famous Chesterfield sofa is one of the kind furniture piece . You surely noticed this statement sofa . Beautiful upholstery, rolled arms and back, fantastic tufting, luxurious and elegant look - that's Chesterfield. It' s all about buttons, leather and beautiful quilting. It is classic and worldwide emblem of British style, and it has been reinterpreted many times , in many ways. We find them upholstered in velvet, famous leather, even linen, and in all color schemes. Strangely, we still don't know the true story about its origin.



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