About 3D Furniture Models

3D Furniture Models started in 2010, with the internationally based team, located in heart of Europe: Geneva (Switzerland) and Belgrade (Serbia).

Models are made by architects experienced in 3d modeling and 3D visualization. A simple idea has started to develop because of our own professional needs. The leading vision is to bring refreshment to the 3d design market. Our idea is to provide 3d models that cannot be easily find on the web.

3D Furniture Models have a growing library of rare, high-quality 3d models of famous furniture pieces for a fair price. The list of models is pretty specific. Here you can find models of famous timeless pieces, but also models of famous brands and manufacturers, currently in trend in the field of interior design. Because of that, the collection of our 3d models is growing larger each day.

Models are made in CAD software. We prefer to divide them by layers so you can easily edit them and make your color/material combination. Every model package includes its materials, textures, and setup scene as shown in renders.

If you have difficulties finding some pieces of furniture on the web, you can ask for a specific 3d model or a specific designer collection. We can provide it for you, very shortly, in a few business days.

Whether you are searching for models you need or want to be inspired, 3DFurniture provides a full range of furniture for different types of users: architects, designers, and all the others interested in 3d modeling and visualization.

Join our growing community and be part of our team with your comments, requests, or fresh ideas.